Yes, Twice-Fried! If you crave Fried Foods, here are top Twice-Fried Foods you should try!

Jan, 13 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Yes, we’re Indians and we love Fried Food. If you thought, Fried is nice, Twice-Fried makes it even better.

Here are some popular Twice-Fried foods that you should try.

Go ahead, indulge yourself to these Double Crispy treats and don’t worry about the occasional calories. Life is all about balance isn’t it? Someday’s you watch your diet and eat healthy, and sometimes you just need a cheat meal :)

1. Sindhi Aloo (Potato) Tuk – Ask any Sindhi what their Sunday lunch comprises of and it wouldn’t be surprising if you would find Sindhi Kadhi and Aloo Tuk on the menu in majority of the cases. So what is Aloo Tuk exactly? These wonderful crispy TWICE fried flattened potatoes are not only a perfect accompaniment to the popular Sindhi Kadhi but can also be eaten by themselves sprinkled with seasonings. Sprinkle them with red chilli, chaat masala, turmeric or amchoor powder as you like. We promise, nobody can eat just one…!

1. Peel off the skin of the potatoes. Wash with water and drain off water.
2. Cut each potato horizontally into half and then cut the halved potato again in half so that you have 4 quarters of the potato. If the potatoes are large then you can again cut the 4 quarters into half depending on the size. Make sure that the pieces are not too small and the cut cubes are rounded and not flat.
3. Season with salt as per taste and deep fry in oil on low flame until the potatoes are cooked. You can pierce a knife or fork into the potatoes when in the frying pan to check whether they are tender and cooked.
4. When the potatoes are tender and cooked, drain potatoes on a kitchen paper towel to soak excess oil and let them cool.
5. Once cooled, flatten the potato cubes by pressing them between your palms or by pressing them with the palm of your hand against a flat surface.
6. Deep fry the flattened potatoes in hot oil until crispy and golden brown.
7. Drain on a paper towel to soak excess oil.
8. Sprinkle some red chilli powder on top along with a pinch of turmeric powder, chaat masala or amchoor powder on top and serve.

ITG Tip: Always use old potatoes for making Aloo Tuks as young potatoes do not have enough time to develop sufficient starch. The trick for perfectly fried Aloo Tuks is that while frying for the first time make sure that the oil is not too hot since the potatoes would quickly form a crispy layer outside without being cooked on the inside and while frying for the second time of frying make sure the oil is hot so that they are crispy and golden brown.

2. Crispy Twice-Fried Chicken – There are many versions of twice fried chicken. Here is a relatively simple no fuss version that we stumbled across.

Source: Food and Wine. Click Here for Recipe.

3. Double-Fried French Fries – Because, Twice-Fried=Extra Crispy French Fries! Also, we love the fact that this crispy french fries recipe calls for sea salt and leaving the edges of the fries with the skins on:)


Source: Food Network. Click Here for Recipe.

4. Tostones – Tostones are basically Twice-Fried Green Plantains (members of the Banana family), which is a popular side dish in Puerto Rico.

Source: All Recipes. Click Here for Recipe.

Double the Fat=Double the Taste.

What’s your favourite?


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