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Dec, 09 2015 / By ithinkgourmet


Dear Gourmet Lovers,

It’s time to celebrate. Our online gourmet community, www.ithinkgourmet.com (“ITG“) is finally here! :)

If there is anything that we share with you, it is our love and passion for gourmet food.

Our website showcases, and is dedicated to, the wonderful gourmet foods produced by local home/artisan chefs, food entrepreneurs and small sized food entrepreneurs. At ITG, we call these food artists, “Gourmetpreneurs“.

ITG is an one-stop gourmet collective online community that helps you discover and connect to local Gourmetpreneurs.

It is our endeavour to explore local Gourmetpreneurs that create handcrafted gourmet food products and showcase their creations on ITG to gourmet food lovers like you so that you don’t have to settle for store bought gourmet food to indulge, entertain, gift and celebrate and can enjoy gourmet food at its best – handmade, fresh, made with the best quality ingredients, unique, devoid of preservatives and added colours, etc.

ITG has a range of unique and innovative features to help you search for gourmet foods which will leave you spoilt for choice.

Introducing our ITG Inspire Me Search Bar. Want to indulge your taste buds, but don’t know what to search for? Don’t worry, our ITG Inspire Me Search is here to help with lots of gourmet inspiration. You can now search gourmet foods by Mood, Ingredients, Occasion, Dish and Taste.

You can refine your search results and get closer to your gourmet search by selecting a number of filters on the search results page relating to ordering and delivery options, menu and special dietary requirements, catering services, packaging options, etc.

We also have several compendiums of gourmet foods arranged by theme referred to as “ITG Gourmet Diaries” where you can browse Gourmetpreneurs who produce similar products.

That is not all, you can also browse Gourmetpreneurs and find gourmet foods based on location, cuisine and establishment type.

We are hopeful that our exhaustive gourmet search and browse features will help you get closer to your gourmet search.

Although signing up for an ITG account is entirely optional, the full functionality of ITG is only accessible after registering for an ITG user account and logging in to ITG and we therefore request you to create an ITG account and be part of our online gourmet community in true spirit.

Lastly, our online gourmet community would be incomplete and rather meaningless without your participation and support.

We encourage you to use ITG for searching for your gourmet food requirements. By doing so, you can help us make a difference and join us in our mission to:

  • support these Gourmetpreneurs and, in turn, help grow the unorganised gourmet food industry; and
  • spread happiness and smiles to your loved ones by sharing the gourmet goodness produced by these Gourmetpreneurs.

We  also encourage you to actively contribute to, and participate in, our online gourmet community by:

  • posting recipes, cooking knowledge, techniques, food quotes, etc. under the ITG Food Blog;
  • asking and replying to questions under the ITG Food Blog;
  • staying tuned to our ITG Blog and posting comments and feedback to the blog posts;
  • subscribing to our newsletter for the latest ITG updates;
  • suggesting or referring local Gourmetpreneurs in your area whom we can list on ITG;
  • writing reviews and ratings for Gourmetpreneurs under the Gourmetpreneur Page; and
  • supporting ITG by writing us a testimonial and sharing ITG with your friends and loved ones.

We hope that you will support us in our endeavour to make the world more gourmetful!

Do like our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest gourmet updates and to share the gourmet buzz around :)

Yours Truly in Gourmet,

Team ITG

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