Peek-A-Boo…Here are some of the best gourmet cookie treats on ITG for your inner gourmet monster to try!

Dec, 29 2015 / By ithinkgourmet


If yesterday’s Ohh-My-Cookiee ITG Blog Post awakened your inner cookie monster… here are the wonderful and irresistable gourmet cookie goodness on ITG that you can treat your inner cookie monster to.

What are you waiting for? Happiness is only a cookie away! Om, nom, nom nom…!

1. Gooey Chocolate Filled Cookie Bars, Chocolate on Chocolate Cookies, Nutella Cookie Cups, Just like Ferrero Bars, Deep Dish Cookies, Cookie Pizza and other gourmet cookies by Your Batter Half

Gooey Chocolate Filled Cookie Bars - Lo Res-1

Chocolate on Chocolate Cookies - Lo Res

Nutella Cookie Cups

Chocolate Hazelnut 'Just Like Ferrero' Bars - Lo Res

Click here to visit Your Batter Half ITG Page for more information.

2. Cookie Pizza, Oreo in the middle Cookies, Gourmet Candy Cookies and other Cookies by Batter Up Cookies and More

Photo 03-07-15 11 05 18

Photo 05-03-15 14 14 06

Photo 03-01-15 18 11 24 low res

Photo 21-03-15 14 06 24 low res

Click here to visit Batter Up Cookies and More ITG Page for more information.

3. Chocolate Cookie Butter, Belgian Triple Chip Cookie, Cookie Cake, Cookie Bars and other gourmet cookies by House of Cookies

2015-04-22 13.34.14




Click here to visit House of Cookies ITG Page for more information.

4. Orange Chocolate Cookies, Biscuit Brownie Cake, Choco Chunk Cookies, Oats and Banana Squares and other gourmet cookies by Cookie Cutter

orange chocolate cookies low res

biscuit brownie cake low res

choco chunk cookies

oats & banana squares

Click here to visit Cookie Cutter ITG Page for more information.

5. Wholesome Oats Cookies, Chocolate Cookies and other gourmet cookies by Amrita’s Healthy Treats & More


Click here to visit Amrita’s Healthy Treats & More ITG Page for more information.

6. Brownie and cookie lovers rejoice – Introducing, Brookies (Brownie + Oreo Cookies) a.k.a. Knock your socks off Brownie Bars and other gourmet cookies by The Next Door Baker

Knock Your Socks Off Brownie Bars low res

Click here to visit The Next Door Baker ITG Page for more information.

7. Personalised Cookie Monster and other gourmet cookies by All My Sins

Click here to visit All My Sins ITG Page for more information.

8. Caramel Seasalt Thumbprint, Oatmeal Cookies, Themed Cookies and other gourmet cookies by Moulded Fantasy


Click here to visit Moulded Fantasy ITG Page for more information.

9. Cranberry & Almond and Chocolate Chip Cookies by Get Baked



Click here to visit Get Baked ITG Page for more information.

10. Flaxseed Jam Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Protein Bars and Oats Raisin Cookies by Flat Tummies

Flaxseed jam cookies

Peanut butter cookies

Protein Bar-2

Click here to visit Flat Tummies ITG Page for more information.

Life is short. Surround yourself with good people and only eat good cookies.

What’s your favourite?

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