Ohh-My-Cookieee… These cookies are so sinful, we are surprised they aren’t illegal!

Dec, 29 2015 / By ithinkgourmet


Because it’s just one of those days when our inner cookie monsters are screaming “Me Want Cookies…!”.

Peekaboo – Here are some irresistibly sinful cookies we would love to gorge on (and we are doubly sure that you would too…..)!

1. Oreo-Stuffed White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Cookies – A cookie with – white chocolate – oreo in the centre – topped with Hershey’s Raspberry Kisses. All in one beautifully shaped cookie. So gorgeous, you would think twice before eating them.
Source: Baker Girl. Click here for Recipe.

2. Turtle Thumbprint Cookie – Cocoa cookies rolled in pecans filled with a salted caramel thumbprint drizzled with chocolate. Do we have to say anything more for this one?

Source: Handle The Heat. Click here for Recipe.

3. Minty Cream Cheese Homemade Oreos – Mint + Chocolate + Homemade Oreos + Cream Cheese = Simply Mint-astic Creamy Cookie Delights
Source: A Whisk and A Prayer. Click here for Recipe.

4. Jam Kolache – These cute cookies rolled up with jam on the insides make them a refreshing tea-time treat.

Source: My Recipes. Click here for Recipe.

5. Cappuccino Blossoms – A mere look at the ingredients make us happy – Hersheys Dark Chocolate Kisses, Brown Sugar, Coffee Liqueur, Espresso, Roasted Almonds. And, yes these are egg-free too! :)

Source: My Recipes. Click here for Recipe.

6. Sour Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie – Because we love sour cream and would love to dig into the taste of these chocolatey-sour melt-in-the-mouth cookies.

Source: Cookies & Cups. Click here for Recipe.

7. Hi Hat Chocolate Cookies – A cute cookie spin-off from the popular hi hat cupcakes.

Source: Cookies & Cups. Click here for Recipe.

8. Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies – Okay, we’ve all had our share of red velvet cakes, brownies and cupcakes. And, now we have soft baked red velvet chocolate chip cookies. Wonderful enough? :)

Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction. Click here for Recipe.

9. The Ultimate Cookie Cup – Well the name says it all but if you insist on a description – Peanut Butter Cups enrobed between sugar cookie dough and chocolate cookie dough to resemble a cup, make this cookie The Ultimate Cookie Cup – we say it’s cookie heaven!
Source: Cookies & Cups. Click here for Recipe.

10. Cashew Caramel Cookies – Simple yet delightful. For those who like cashew cookies with a sweet touch and sans the chocolate.

Source: Martha Stewart. Click here for Recipe.

11. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie with Caramel and Sea Salt – Wowie! We can’t stop drooling at these cookie monsters of goodness. We can surely substitute these for an entire meal. :) :) :)

Source: Pinch of Yum. Click here for Recipe..

12. Linzer Heart Biscuits – The sweetest way to show your love – quite literally! :)
Source: Borrowed Light. Click here for Recipe.

13. Loaded MnM Oreo Cookie Bars – OMG! Look at these loaded (eye) candy and mouth watering beauties!
Source: Averie Cooks. Click here for Recipe.

14. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies – Whoa! What an innovative way to to combine the taste of our favourite hot chocolate beverage into a sweet and spicy cookie!

hot chocolate cookies
Source: Lauren Conrad. Click here for Recipe.

Om, nom, nom, nom…You’re only one cookie away from being happy :)

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