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Jan, 25 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing our next featured Gourmetpreneur as part of the #ITGNowFeaturing series, Yo! Brownies.

The story behind this brand of gourmet delicacies will warm the cockles of your heart on this cold winter day.


Meet Neha Murpana, the founder and Gourmetpreneur of Yo! Brownies.


If you’re thinking Neha is an ardent lover of hip-hop and rap music for naming her brand, Yo! Brownies or wanted her brand to sound cool and hip-hop, you’re highly mistaken! Read on to know about her heartwarming story of how Yo! Brownies came about…


Well, there’s a famous quote which goes “Even when you think you have your life mapped out, things happen that shape your destiny in ways you’ve never imagined.”


Little that Neha know that this would hold true for her life.

Neha never planned a career in cooking and never even imagined she would someday be a chef.

Since Neha always had a creative personality, she studied Jewellery Design and also won an award for for her creations.Thinking that she would pursue a career in the field of Jewellery Design, she dabbled in the field of Jewellery Design for a while.

However, destiny had other things in store that changed the map of her journey. Marriage was soon on the cards and she got married to Pankaj Murpana.


Even after marriage Neha nurtured her creativity skills by creating oil canvas paintings and also had a successful exhibition.


Soon Neha and Pankaj were blessed with an adorable and precious little baby boy. Neha’s creative pursuits took a backseat as she wanted to devote her full time and attention to bringing up her baby without any compromises. As her baby grew older, Neha wanted to get back to doing something creative, while at the same time not neglecting her baby.


Even then it never occurred to her that she would make a career out of cooking. It all started in October 2014 when Neha wanted to make something with her own hands as a gesture of love for returning an empty container to her sister. We all know that it’s an Indian tradition to never return any empty containers or dishes without filling them with goodies.


She made some walnut brownies and sent them to her sister in the container. Her sister loved the brownies so much that she placed an order for brownies for Diwali which was a few days away.


And since then there has been no looking back. Yo! Brownies was born and got it’s name from Yohaan Murpana, the adorable son of Neha and Pankaj Muparna. Isn’t that wonderfully heartwarming? Since Yohaan is the closest to Neha’s heart, Yo! Brownies is a tribute to Yohaan by Neha and she devotes all her energies to Yo! Brownies and Yohaan.


Neha’s brother suggested the tag line ‘As Sweet As My Baby’ and since it was so apt and true for a doting mother, Neha retained it as the tag line for Yo! Brownies.


In Neha’s words, this brand of brownies is inspired by the truest form of love that exists, that between a mother and child. And with each batch, she pours that love into her brownie creations that she makes for you. Awww…we are literally speechless for words!


Neha has been blessed to have found rock solid support from her family and friends especially her husband, Pankaj and also from her 3 year old son, Yohaan who magically understands her dream of taking the gourmet brand dedicated to him to new heights.


Over the years, Neha’s food journey has been quite eventful and enriching. She has received great encouragement and applause from customers for her creations.


Neha recounts how she was most overwhelmed when a family friend approached her to order brownies for distributing as a wedding favour along with his wedding card. At first, Neha thought he was surely pulling a fast one on her, but he actually went ahead and sent out brownies from Yo! Brownies to all the wedding invitees. :) Isn’t it a different high altogether when someone loves your products so much that they would associate it to their most special event in their life i.e. their wedding?


From starting off with simple walnut brownies, Neha has come a long way to expand Yo! Brownies as a brand specialising in gourmet brownie creations. Yo! Brownies is perhaps one of the only brand which offers more than 20 exotic flavours in brownies and what’s more, apart from brownies also offers cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, jar desserts, truffles inspired by brownies. Whoa! Literally if you love brownies and can dream it, Neha will try to create it! :)


Neha is thankful to all her clients who have helped make her food journey so rewarding and for their faith in her creations.

We are sure that this heartwarming story will not only bring you closer to the brand, but it is something truly special that you will remember each time you order from Yo! Brownies.


Like they say “Love makes all things possible.” The journey of Yo! Brownies is a perfect example of that. And cute lil’ Yohaan Murpana is one lucky boy to have such doting parents! Touch Wood and God Bless! :) Don’t you agree?

Click here to visit Yo! Brownies Page on ITG.

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