#ITGNowFeaturing – Star Desserts in a Jar that make you reach out for Jar, after Jar, after Jar… Not just Gourmet by Taste, but also Gourmet by Design!

Mar, 06 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing our ITG Featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, JAR Designs.

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JAR Designs is a Mumbai based niche bake house dedicated to producing a delectable range of 100% vegetarian gourmet cakes and desserts that come packed in pretty looking mason jars.

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Meet Nishita Kamdar, the founder and Gourmetpreneur of JAR Designs.

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“She designed a life she loved”, is what best describes Nishita’s life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Nishita’s career journey has literally always been about all things design. Read on to know more about her journey and how from being an architect she went on to establish JAR Designs.

Choco Fudge, Choco Vanilla

Nishita’s designer journey began when she became an architect and founded her own architecture company called Studio Nishita Kamdar. However, being in a taxing profession, somewhere along the way Nishita realised that she needed a stress buster to cope with the daily stresses associated with architecture, something that would help her unwind after a stressful day at work.


Being an avid food lover and always eager to try new cuisines and food, Nishita realised that there were little or no dessert places in Mumbai from where vegetarians like her could get their fix of delectable eggless and vegetarian desserts.

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It was literally a combination of Nishita’s urge to find an outlet to unwind together with her cravings for gourmet vegetarian desserts that made Nishita establish JAR Designs. Her endless passion for food and repeated cravings for gourmet desserts not only helps her beat stress but also inspires her to whip up some truly delectable and gorgeous looking (or should we say designer) gourmet desserts.


She named her venture JAR Designs because it was a new chapter in her career journey as a designer and as the name suggests JAR Designs produces beautiful and delectable desserts packed in a humble mason jar.


JAR Designs produces a variety of delicious and unique flavours of desserts packed in a mason jar as also cakes and other desserts. The menu comprises of a variety of exotic flavours of jar desserts such as Paan Velvet and Cream Cheese Cake, Nutella Mousse Cake, Salted Caramel with Chocolate Cake and Oreo and Coconut Cheesecake to name a few. It also offers hot jar desserts such as Molten Chocolate, Molten Coffee Chocolate and Molten Baileys Chocolate and Seasonal Jars such as Strawberry Colada, Mango Lemon and Cream and Chocolate and Mango Cake. All products are 100% vegetarian, eggless and gelatine free and what is most surprising is that almost all flavours have no added sugar. The most recent addition to the menu of JAR Designs is the Special Choco Coconut flavour.



When you have a designer and passionate chef in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that the creations of JAR Designs are not just innovative and mouthwateringly delicious, but they also look so good and are packaged so beautifully that they are a treat to the eyes (and not just the taste buds) making them a great option for festive gifting and favours for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, etc.


In the JAR Designs kitchen, Nishita loves to experiment with flavours that have never been tested before. When asked about her favourite flavour, says Nishita in her own words “If I have choose my favorite flavour it has to be the seasonal Special ‘Strawberry Colada’. Although, this was a flavour I came upon by accident it has received the best response from clients. We use fresh strawberries sourced from Mahabaleshwar. The dessert consists of 12 layers (yes 12 layers) and has a sweet, sour, tangy, fruity kick to it. I do use a secret ingredient which completely elevates the flavour and I choose to not tell people about it till they have tried the dessert.” Wow, did you hear that? 12 layers of dessert with cake and strawberries? We surely can’t wait to try it! :)


In an industry which propagates over dependence on sugar for uplifting the flavour in desserts, Nishita’s approach towards desserts is rather healthy and refreshing inasmuch she believes that desserts need not be loaded with sugar for them to taste good and can taste equally delectable without added sugar. She finds it rather challenging to explain this theory to clients who repeatedly ask for overly sweet desserts or which involve too much sugar work.


Talking about healthy desserts, JAR Designs promotes the concept of what you call ‘naked cakes’ vis-à-vis over-the-top sugar loaded cakes. A ‘naked cake’ is a fuss free cake without the extra dollops of cream or fondant coating on the outside making it healthier and more classy and minimalistic at the same time.

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Oh my, just looking at these gorgeous naked cakes makes us hungry for cake :)


Well, so by being an architect by profession and baker by passion, Nishita truly did design a life she loved. She currently juggles between her profession and passion to strike the perfect balance that she was also looking for. Nishita is a much revered architect and has been featured on the cover of a leading home design magazine for her works as an architect. She is also considered to be amongst the top and most loved home bakers in Mumbai. We are only glad for Nishita’s designer journey as if not for JAR Designs we couldn’t gorge on these designer jars of pure vegetarian gourmet goodness and happiness. :) :) :)


What are you waiting for? You can experience the gourmet joys in a jar as well by ordering your fix of these gourmet designer dessert jars now! :)


Click here to visit JAR Designs page on ITG.

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