#ITGNowFeaturing – It ain’t no Magic but Pure Kitchen Sorcery that makes these Gourmet Artisanal Sauces, Spreads and Dips cast a Gourmet Spell on you!

Feb, 23 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing our ITG Featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, Saucery.

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Saucery is a niche artisan brand producing a range of Natural Gourmet Sauces, Spreads and Dips that can be used to cook with, dip into or eat all by themselves. The line of products from the kitchen of Saucery are freshly prepared, gluten free, 100% natural and vegetarian and are completely devoid of trans fats, artificial colours, chemicals, preservatives, MSG or artificial flavours.


Meet Gayatri Bhatia, the Founder and Gourmetpreneur (or should we say Gourmet Sorceress in the Kitchen :)) of Saucery. An avid travel lover and always having a penchant for gourmet goodness, Saucery is an attempt by her to bring to life her culinary escapades across the world.


Though Gayatri always dreamt of being an entrepreneur, little did she know that she would someday go on to become a Gourmetpreneur. Being ever passionate about food, her first time cooking encounter in her home kitchen proved to be near fatal as she almost set the kitchen ablaze while trying to cook a Pilsbury Pan Pizza. That sure was a freak accident but it also resulted in her being banned from experimenting with food in (or rather from entering) her very own home kitchen for a while.


Gayatri’s food journey can be best described by a popular quote by Wendell Berry which goes “Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves that does it become common ground and and a common bond that we cease to be alone.”

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Read on to know more about how studying abroad played an important role in helping Gayatri discover the world and helped transition her food journey from a kitchen ban to setting up an artisanal gourmet kitchen that whips up Pure Gourmet Sorcery.

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After finishing her schooling in Mumbai, Gayatri pursued a Global Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Singapore and Sydney. She even spent a semester exploring Toronto, Canada when selected to represent her college at a study abroad program.

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Alongside her studies abroad, Gayatri also gained exposure to the practical aspects of business by doing short work internships with large multinationals and also smaller start-up companies.

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After being banned from the kitchen in her home, it was whilst living abroad in Singapore, Toronto and Sydney as part of her study program that Gayatri re-discovered her love for cooking when she began to experiment with different cuisines and voilà that’s when she realised that she loved cooking for others so much, that she wanted to do it for a living!

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In her own words, Gayatri recounts “I realised the one problem that plagues working women and young adults worldwide (today) is that they may not have the time to spend hours in the kitchen making a recipe authentic from scratch, thus resorting to the only other quick fix option – ordering takeout. Consumers perceive ‘ready to eat / cook’ products to be processed and unhealthy. Saucery serves as your culinary middleman and helps you take the stress out of cooking with a delicious, nutritious, and healthier option that ensures your meal be effortless, convenient and most importantly delicious without compromising on health or quality. All our products are made with 100% natural and fresh ingredients, keeping in mind the health conscious audience.”

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Saucery currently boasts of  a wide range of  all natural international Sauces, Spreads and Dips on its menu ranging from all time classics such as Hummus, Classic Pesto, Sundried Tomato Pesto, Harissa, Schezwan, Aglio Olio to more exotic recipes such as Cranberry & Walnut and Mushroom & Pepper.
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There’s also reason for Chocolate lovers to rejoice. Saucery also has something special lined up for satisfying your chocolate cravings. The latest upcoming addition on the menu of Saucery is a Chocolate Praline Sauce/Spread/ Dip which also happens to be the winner of ITG’s very 1st Valentine’s Day Special Gourmetpreneur Contest: the ITG ‘Spreading Gourmet Love’ Contest. You can find all the deets about the Contest and the wonderful Chocolate Praline Sauce/Spread/ Dip here.


Saucery is Gayatri’s endeavor to make an artisanal range of all natural international Gourmet Sauces, Spreads and Dips accessible to every Indian household. Towards this end, she plans to launch Saucery products in metros, Tier 2 and 3 cities in the near future.


Gayatri has a rather unique approach towards tasting the labours of her gourmet kitchen experiments: she usually avoids tasting when she cooks rather working with smell, texture and colour before the final tasting!


Well, it was a mix of travel, adventure, love for food and living away from home that made Gayatri discover the world and realise her passion for all things gourmet and that’s how Saucery was born. We are only glad because that is the very reason we have these homegrown gourmet range of international artisanal Sauces, Spreads and Dips to gorge on :) :) :) We’ve tried some of their products and absolutely loved it and we are pretty sure you would too :)


What are you waiting for? Order your share of Gourmet Sauces, Spreads and Dips today and let the Kitchen Sorcery of Saucery cast a Gourmet Spell on you!


Click here to visit Saucery Page on ITG.

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