#ITGNowFeaturing – Gourmet Desserts so delectable that make you stop worrying about Fat. After all, the gourmands only worry about Flavour!

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Introducing our Featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, Fat is Flavour!


Fat is Flavour is a niche dessert brand specialising in a unique Chocolate Potted Dessert known as Chocolate Soil and Customised Cakes and Desserts.



Meet Pratik Kuckreja, the founder and Gourmetpreneur of Fat is Flavour.


Pratik has always been a die-hard food lover and enthusiast. With Food, Food and more Food always on his mind, it isn’t surprising that he always dreamt of a career in food: opening a patisserie and taking his endless passion for baking notches higher.


As a first step to pursuing his gourmet passions, Pratik obtained a specialisation in patisserie from Le Cordon Blue, London, one of the leading culinary arts, wine and management school in Great Britain.


Pratik recalls how Fat is Flavour came about. He says, “Fat is Flavour was born out of the idea of revolutionising the pastry world. I wanted to redefine customisation in desserts. After specialising in patisserie from Le Cordon Blue London, I started off by conducting by what I would call ‘cake interviews’. The sole purpose of doing this was to create a new flavour modelled around the likes of every new client. Questions could vary from sweetness preference to eating habits, childhood memory, favourite cuisine, general likes and dislikes. A volley of questions would follow every time we received an enquiry and it did wonders for us, literally.”


In the current trends of snobbery and sophistication in food styling, Pratik has a very unique and contrary approach towards food. In his words he says “My approach towards food is simple. I like to keep it rustic. If I bake myself a brownie, I should see the crack on top. And, flavour tops all aspects.”
Double chocolate brownielr

When you’re passionate about something, you don’t want to fit it into a box. There’s a famous quote by Deepak Chopra which goes, “Instead of thinking outside of the box, get rid of the box.” That’s literally how Pratik operates Fat is Flavour.


You would be surprised to know that Pratik does not operate Fat is Flavour by a menu, which also happens to be the USP of Fat is Flavour. Every order by a client is treated like an opportunity to create something new and exciting. Which means that every order sees customisation of a new flavour. Isn’t that simply incredible?


However, some of the best-seller creations of Pratik that customers keep coming back for are: Flourless Nutella Gateaux, Belgian Chocolate Mousse Gateaux, Creme Anglaise Fresh Fruit Gateaux, Dark Chocolate Marquise with Hazelnut and Double Chocolate Praline Opera to name a few.


Already gaining appreciation and accolades for his creations, Pratik introduced ‘Chocolate Soil’, a potted dessert made of crystallised Belgian chocolate, made to look rustic but so decadent and flavourful that it set an instant chord with consumers. With the growing popularity of food pop-ups, the idea behind Chocolate Soil was to introduce something new in a casual set-up and attract crowds by its novelty and uniqueness.


Active participation in food pop-ups, fashion based exhibitions, wine festivals and flea markets, the product quality of Fat is Flavour has not only lured the crowd, but also keeps them coming back for more.


Well, we don’t know about you but we always see Pratik in all the food pop-ups we’ve visited, personally attending to all clients and we think that is inspiring and wonderful because personal interaction with clients is something which brings you closer to them and what they want.

IMG_20150615_215149lr IMG_20150629_215833lr

Positive feedback keeps Pratik motivated to strive further and it’s enriching when clients tell him that Fat is Flavour is the best thing to happen to them in a long time. This encouragement has resulted in Pratik often experimenting with new flavours in Chocolate Soil.


Starting off with a Chocolate Fudge, Fat is Flavour now has an extended range of exotic flavours in Chocolate Soil ranging from a Davidoff Coffee to a Double Chocolate Brownie, Nutty Crunch, Dulce de Leche, Pecan Pie, etc. And, the gourmet goodness doesn’t end here. Pratik says,  “We will continue putting up a good show for various food pop-ups in days to come.”


One of the secrets behind the delectable desserts whipped up by Fat is Flavour is that Fat is Flavour uses some of the most premium quality ingredients for its desserts. Chocolate is imported from Belgium and is one of the finest quality Couverture. Desserts that appeal to chocolate aficionados and lovers with its smooth consistency and lingering taste come out of its kitchen. Anybody who is willing to surprise themselves with an unusual dessert will be kicked out of what they see and taste at Fat is Flavour. Its desserts are fresh, toothsome and full of flavour.


When quizzed about the growing popularity of Chocolate Soil being the USP of Fat is Flavour, here’s what Pratik has to say “The riskiest thing I’ve done so far is selling Chocolate Soil in the chocolate world and basing my entire module around it. Chocolate Soil as a dessert has given us that edge. Our clients get a kick out of eating it, my team, out of making it. We have sold over 5000 pots till date but the excitement is still the same whenever we say, “Have you tried Chocolate Soil?”


Chocolate Soil has been doing the rounds with food bloggers appreciating the taste, quality and concept. Customers have not just been enjoying them themselves but also ordering them for gifting as Wedding Favours, Baby Showers and Birth Announcements.


Fat is Flavour completed one succesful year in business in July 2015 and to commemorate the success, Fat is Flavour launched Sea Salt Cocoa Soil (set in fish bowls) as industry giveaways. The flavour is now an integral part of its range in Chocolate Soil.


Pratik’s food journey has not just been eventful and enriching but is also lined with some really flattering and rather hilarious incidents too. At a fashionable event, one guy who took the last soil pot said to Pratik, “No woman has been able to do to me what your Chocolate Soil has!”. Pratik goes on to recount how he once posted a picture of a new flavour in Chocolate Soil and a lady soon commented, “Orgasmed already!”. Whether or not you would agree with us that these comments are downright hilarious, it sure is very flattering for a chef very passionate about his creations! 😀


Reminiscing of a few more incidents that truly made an encouraging and heartfelt impact on him, Pratik says that “Le Cordon Bleu recently had an alumni meet in Mumbai and one of my chef lecturers (LCB London) flew down to grace the occassion. Despite seeing over 3000 students graduate after me, he not only knew my business model but also each and every flavour I’ve done in Chocolate Soil so far. That’s special.”


He goes on to add “Have always looked up to Chef Vicky Ratnani and been a fan of his work. He walked up to me at one of our events saying how much he loved our Chocolate Soil and that he has been following our work closely.”


Well, what can we say? Receiving heartwarming appreciation from not just your clients but also from your culinary professor and source of inspiration is truly special indeed!


Ask Pratik what his interests besides food are and we aren’t surprised by what he has to say “What else than Food and All Things Gourmet?” :) :) :)


Pratik goes on to say “We will continue expanding our range in Gateaux, Entremet, Opera, layered cakes and toothsome Chocolate Soil! Fashionable foodie, Certified Baker and the Chef Owner at Fat is Flavour, Chef Pratik Kuckreja makes art to show his soul he is listening :)”


Well, we are thankful for such passionate Gourmetpreneur chefs like Pratik. They turn their life passions and talents into creating gourmet creations that we love to gorge on and that’s why we have Gourmet Pots of Joy in the form of cute lil’ pots of Chocolate Soil.


Here’s what you can currently order in Chocolate Soil from Fat is Flavour:


  • Chocolate Fudge Soil
  • Davidoff Coffee Soil
  • Dulce de leche hazelnut Chocolate Soil
  • Double Chocolate Brownie Soil
  • Pecan Pie Dark Chocolate Soil
  • Nutty Crunch Soil
  • Sea Salt Cocoa Soil
  • Salted hazelnut Velvet Chocolate Soil

red velvet kuckslr

What are you waiting for? Go ahead, Forget about the Fat and let yourself drown in the delectable Flavour. We promise, you will thank yourself you did :)


Click here to visit ITG Page of Fat is Flavour.

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