#ITGNowFeaturing – Gourmet Desserts and Treats so Irresistibly Sinful that all you want to do is indulge your Taste Buds to more and more Gourmet Sin, Sin and Sin!

Feb, 29 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing our Featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, All My Sins!


All My Sins is a gourmet desserts brand that offers a variety of out-of-the-box desserts and other gourmet treats as an attempt to make boring plain jane desserts and foods come to life!


Meet Etee Podar, the Founder and Gourmetpreneur of All My Sins.


A foodlover to the core, Etee is a living example of the popular saying by George Bernard Shaw that goes “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” Little is it surprising that All My Sins is a byproduct of Etee’s endless love and passion for food and everything gourmet, so much that she even gave up a career in Product Designing to become the much loved Pastry Chef that she is today.


Read on to know how after quitting Product Designing, Etee’s food journey got a kickstart and led her to launch All My Sins.


Have you heard of the popular quote by Bob Dylan, “What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do”? Well, having studied and worked as a Product Designer, somewhere along the way Etee realised that gourmet was always on her mind and that’s what she wanted to spend all her “in-between time” doing!


Having decided to quit Product Designing, she set out to give direction to her love for food by enrolling herself for a professional diploma in Pastry Art at the renowned Institute of Hotel Management of Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Mumbai (popularly known as Dadar Catering College to many) to learn the finer aspects of baking. Whilst studying, she also made sure to gather some hands-on practical experience by doing internships at the Ambassador’s Flight Kitchen, Birdy’s Workshop, Holiday Inn and The Little Door. Etee believes that her 7-month internship at the Holiday Inn under one of the best chef’s has played a very important role to develop and hone her culinary skills as a Pastry Chef.


Etee specialises in Pastry Art and Baking. She decided to give her gourmet aspirations a formal identity by launching All My Sins on October 26, 2013. Ever since she has been aspiring to offer the most sinful and exotic desserts ever! She named her venture ‘All My Sins’ inspired from the common adjective often used to describe desserts “Sinful”!logo

The Joys of Giving: When you’re passionate about something you also want to give it back. Etee also conducts baking classes for kids and adults as she would love to see them pursue their passion for baking just as she did. She firmly believes that “When one teaches, two learn!”. Isn’t such pure zealousness for cooking and baking simply wonderful? :) :) :)


A one man army heading the kitchen of All My Sins, Etee considers cooking and baking as her all time stress buster and never views baking in the kitchen as a mere task to be accomplished.


The menu of All My Sins currently offers a wide array of Pure Gourmet Sin ranging from Exotic Cakes, Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Donuts, Desserts to other Savoury Treats such as Flavoured Butters and Mango Salsa. It also boasts of some quirky and out-of-the-box products such as Edible Potted Plant, the Cookie Monster and Heart Shaped Brownies with a message.


For all those who joined us late, All My Sins is also the winner of the 1st ITG Gourmetpreneur Contest: the ITG ‘Spreading Gourmet Love’ Contest which was a Valentine’s Day Special Contest for Gourmetpreneurs. The winning entry ‘Cookie Monster’ by All My Sins is an adorable monster of a Chocolate Chip Cookie which has a ‘Date Me?’ message written on top with Chocolate Chips. You can find all deets about the Contest and the Cookie Monster here. This Monstrous Chocolate Chip Cookie can also be customised with your own message and emoticons. We’ve tried the Cookie Monster and all we can say is that this Monster of a Cookie is Pure Chocolate Chip Cookie Heaven or should we say Pure Cookie Sin 😉 <3


When asked about her approach towards food and All My Sins, here’s what Etee has to say “I believe nothing is truly hard if you love what you do, but yes, it is definitely challenging to remain precise and consistent in your work. Because even an extra pinch of an ingredient can change the taste of your product entirely.” Well said, Etee :)


Don’t you think that Etee has indeed been successful by doing what’s closest to her heart from the time she wakes up in the morning right up to the time she goes to bed: she not just whips up the most sinfully delectable desserts from her kitchen which are a pure treat to the eyes and the tastebuds, but also conducts baking classes to spread the gourmet love galore to her students! And we are so glad for that :) Truly, there is no love sincerer than that for food! <3 :)


If looking at these Delectably Sinful Desserts have set your Taste Buds on a roll just like ours, don’t wait any longer! Life is uncertain, eat Dessert first! So order your fix of Gourmet Desserts today and indulge your Taste Buds to Pure Gourmet Sin! :)


Click here to visit All My Sins Page on ITG.

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