#ITGNowFeaturing – Gourmet Cake Creations so designer…they not just light up to D-light, but also move it, move it and go round and round, making them a sure sight to C!

Apr, 11 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing the featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, DC Designer Cakes.


DC Designer Cakes is a niche brand specialising in 100% vegetarian and eggless gourmet Cakes and Desserts that are so designer, they are sure to be the showstopper of your celebrations wowing all your guests. Its Cake creations don’t just move it, move it but also light up to delight! Yes, we are still to come across any brand that we know which creates such uber cool Cakes such as rotating Cakes, LED lights Cakes, snow globe Cakes, etc. Don’t believe us? Scroll down to see a marvel of a designer Cake that was created for a Bollywood superstar’s birthday celebrations!


Meet Divya Chedda, the founder and gourmetpreneur of DC Designer Cakes.


Divya’s career journey has always been about all things design and setting trends, though not the same kind of trends. Although baking was something Divya was always passionate about, she started her career as a fashion designer and little did she know that one day she would set trends in cake design with DC Designer Cakes. Her career journey can be best described by a popular quote by Dwight L Moody which goes “Faith makes all things possible, love makes all things easy.” Read on to know more about Divya and how faith and love helped her become the much loved chef (or should we say designer chef 😀) that she is today.


Divya’s career started with creating trends in fashion design. She soon got married and was blessed with a baby boy. Being a doting mother, wife and homemaker left her with little or no time to pursue her career in fashion design and it was her sheer love for her family that made her decide to give up her career so that she could devote all her time and attention to what she loved most: her family.


It isn’t surprising that it was this selfless love and her nurturing instincts towards her family that made her keep in touch with her love for baking even after marriage as she would occasionally whip up Cakes and Desserts as special treats for her family.


Though Divya voluntarily gave up her career after marriage, her husband was conscious of her sacrifices for their family all along and after 5 years of her marriage, it was his love for Divya and appreciation for her baking skills that made him encourage her to pursue her passion for all things gourmet by supporting her to set up DC Designer Cakes and ever since there has been no looking back for Divya.


A fashion designer turned baker, it isn’t surprising that her Cake creations are uber fashionable and trend setting too :)

PicsArt_12-28-10.37.20Click here to see video

Her most loved and all time favourite cake is awe-inspiring Cake she had made for Salman Khan’s 50th birthday celebrations. This also is her all-time high. Take a look. We are truly speechless for words at the intricacy and design of this wonder of a Cake!


DC Designer Cakes specialises in custom theme Cakes, rotating Cakes and Cakes with lights. It also specialises in fusion flavours – blending Indian flavours with Cake recipes such as Gulab Jamun Cake, Rasmalai Cake, etc. Not only does DC Designer Cakes create designer Cakes that you can customise as per theme but you can also choose from more than 30 flavours. What is more is that all of its creations are 100% vegetarian, eggless and Jain and it also offers home delivery all over Mumbai.


Ask Divya about her innovative Cake creations and this is what she has to say “Clients love the concept of innovative Cakes. They are so delighted to see lights on Cakes and Cakes that move that they keep word of mouth going amongst their friends and family. My clients are also delighted that they can choose from amongst 30 flavours and that can try a new flavour every time they order with me. 


Divya finds tremendous support from her husband who is also her inspiration. She one day dreams of opening her own studio where she can spread gourmet goodness and smiles by helping aspiring women bakers make their gourmet dreams a reality by learning to bake. Like they say, you know you tremendously love something when you want to give it back to society :)


Divya is a doting mother and loves spending as much time with her son. She also loves spending time in her kitchen creating delightful Cakes for her family, friends and loved ones.

PicsArt_03-20-09.54.27 Click here to see video

Being a strict Jain, Divya didn’t let her career compromise her religious beliefs nor did she let her religious beliefs set limitations on her career inasmuch that though baking Cakes and creating intricate Cake designs without the use of eggs has its own set of limitations, she works doubly hard to offer a huge variety of eggless flavours and to also implement intricate cake art designs into  100% vegetarian creations. Isn’t that wonderful and endearing ? Hats off to that :)


Like they say faith makes all things possible, love makes all things easy! Don’t you agree Divya’s journey is a perfect example of what faith and love can do <3 :) We are so glad because hadn’t it been for this culmination of love and faith in Divya’s life, we wouldn’t have such delightful and designer vegetarian Cakes and Desserts from DC Designer Cakes to celebrate with! :) :) :)


What are you waiting for? Next time you want your Cake to steal the spotlight of any occasion, order one of the custom creations from DC Designer Cakes and let the Cakes do the talking! :)


Click here to visit DC Designer Cakes Page on ITG.

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