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Introducing, our featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, Dips & More, the home of yummy, easy-to-serve Dips, Spreads, Fillings and Pates!


Meet Sapna Parekh and Malini Ganesh, the founders of Dips & More.

19 The food journey of Sapna Parekh and Malini Ganesh can be best described by a famous quote by Steve Jobs “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you want to become.”2

Sapna and Malini are not just close friends but also share common passions which include travelling and of course, all things gourmet which cemented their friendship further to become Gourmetpreneurs of Dips & More.


Sapna and Malini didn’t always dream to be chefs. Read on to know more about them, how they met and how following their passions and word of mouth helped these two moms and culinary lovers, passionate to preserve home cooking, build Dips & More into a trusted brand of Gourmet Dips and Accompaniments.

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Meet Sapna Parekh. Of all things Sapna loved most, traveling was always on top of the list. In her words, she says that ” I find that travel is one of the very best ways to grow, to learn, and to experience life to the fullest. I just can’t say enough about how much I love to travel and how much it has come to influence my life. I love to try new exotic foods while I’m traveling. Though there are amazing restaurants everywhere that tout their ethnic qualities, there’s nothing like eating it from the source. You can taste the difference, and it’s a wonderful thing.”


She believes that tasting the locally distinct foods and drinks of a destination is essential to a travel experience, as they illuminate that region’s unique culture, geography, history, and lore. Sapna also loves hosting people at her home, whether it’s one couple or 40 friends, she entertains A LOT. The simplest things in life give her the most pleasure: cooking a good meal, enjoying the company of her friends. With her love for travel, it isn’t surprising that Sapna initially started out with working as a freelance Travel Consultant before destiny had other plans and she met Malini. It was this relentless passion and love for travel, food and friends that led her to where she is today!


Meet Malini Ganesh. Being always interested and passionate about all things gourmet, Malini’s passion and interest in good food got a tremendous boost when she married a professional chef de cuisine. With her inherent skill of a perfect host and keenness to learn the intricacies of varied cuisines, she started trying out new and innovative dishes dishes at every opportunity. Her kitchen became the testing lab and the family members gourmands. Being a staunch vegetarian herself, cooking and experimenting with all things gourmet was never a deterrent to Malini but more of a driver to explore newer and interesting dishes. Constant flow of appreciation and encouragement from friends and family boosted her confidence to partner with her close friend Sapna to a commercial identity to their combined passion and cooking skills.

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It’s funny how the best things come about from the most simplest and unexpected things. Sapna and Malini met at a dance exercise class in Versova. From work-out buddies, their friendship deepened into food companions who ate together and soon started cooking together! They had always heard of such coincidences happening to other people and changing their lives. Little did they realize that soon they would be these other people!

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Having travelled and sampled a variety of cuisines world over, it would often occur to Sapna and Malini when they walked through the aisles of supermarkets abroad, “Why such a variety of easy entertaining gourmet foods are not available in India?”


While they did make gourmet dips and easy entertaining foods at home, there was no place they could order or buy such food from. So they started making our own versions of the stuff they ate. They both loved hosting parties and feeding guests at their individual homes.


Their creations were so much loved and appreciated by guests and they would often ask them, “Why don’t you start making and selling these gourmet creations?” But such positive feedback was often brushed aside by them as mere compliments or formal gestures of kindness.


One summer evening, over drinks and debate, close friends Sapna and Malini felt the urge to give their love for travel and all things gourmet a formal identity.


It was time that the very often-received dinner-table appreciation for their culinary artistry had to have a larger canvas and purpose. What was born out of this yearning was a mélange of food and friendship. They christened their baby Dips & More.


Sapna and Malini recount that the entrepreneurial bug actually bit them when they took part in a flea market in Bandra. While they were enthusiastic about the response, however, they managed to sell only a couple of tubs of their creations.


A trifle dejected, they were now burdened with the dilemma of what to do with all the leftover stock of their gourmet creations!


An idea sprang that evening: Why not message all friends and family, who enjoyed eating their gourmet creations, asking if they wished to buy anything? Soon dejection turned to elation as before they knew it, almost everyone replied and Voilà their gourmet creations were sold out almost instantaneously!


What’s more is that not even a week later they were already getting enquiries as to when they were planning to make the next lot of gourmet goodies!


That’s was it for them. From there onwards there was no looking back.


Soon personal orders led on to multiple local stores such as Neelam Foodland at Khar stocking their gourmet creations. With time, word of mouth endorsed Dips & More as a trusted brand.


When quizzed about Dips & More, like glowing parents here’s what they had to say: “We’re two moms and home cooks, passionate to preserve home cooking. The bottom-line is, we want people to enjoy our food! There are actual hands preparing our homemade items with love from our kitchen. Made from scratch. Our kitchen team invests the time in preparation so you can enjoy the time relishing with your family and friends around the dinner table. We are on a mission to make healthy eating accessible by providing you with preservative free, delicious, convenient homemade dips/spreads/pates/fillers for years to come! Responsibly sourced. Expertly prepared. Proudly Served. Fresh from Our Kitchen to Yours.We deliver what we promise. Every care is taken to keep our products pristine. No artificial substances are added at any point. There is no added sugar, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers. there is no compromise in ingredients and quality. That is our promise to you.”

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What Sapna and Malini started out as an expression of their personalities and passions, today their 5 year old baby Dips & More has become an ode to their collective culinary passion with constant nurturing and love over the years like that given to a child.


The real reward for them has been the raving appreciation and support from so many of our clients. Looking back, sometimes they actually pinch themselves in disbelief at this swift rise, but at the same time it makes them even more determined to continue to steer the ship towards their true North.


We don’t know about you but we are so glad they followed their hearts and intuition. It’s the reason such wonderful and delectable Gourmet Dips and Accompaniments from Dips & More exist for us to go Dip, Dip, Dip and take us on a Gourmet Trip, Trip, Trip! :)

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What are you waiting for? Click here to visit Dips & More Page on ITG to order yours.

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