#ITGNowFeaturing – Gourmet Foods so pure and whole, they not just nourish your body but also feed your soul. Their raw goodness not only signifies Sattva, but their craving makes your taste buds want to find their centre by practicing Yoga!

Mar, 21 2016 / By ithinkgourmet


Introducing the ITG featured Gourmetpreneur of the week, Yogisattva!


Yogisattva is a niche food brand which promotes the concept of eating healthy and what is known as raw and plant based food and cuisines. Yogisattva aims at celebrating food in its purest form, encouraging everyone to indulge in their health by eating foods that are closest to nature. As a result, all its products are 100% vegetarian, vegan, organic, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.


Meet the Founder and Gourmetpreneur (or should we say Yogini Chef :) ) of Yogisattva, Raveena Taurani.


Raveena’s food journey can be best described by the quote by Jason Chandell “Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.


An actor and assistant director by profession, Raveena always had a passion for all things gourmet, but little did she know that she would one day become a much loved chef promoting the concept of raw and plant based foods in the city.


Besides her love for acting and good food, Yoga is very close to her heart and forms an integral part of Raveena’s life. In fact, it was her love for Yoga that made her the much loved raw foods chef that she is today. Read on to know more about Raveena and how her curiosity and passion for Yoga led her to discover raw based food and in turn, setting up Yogisattva which celebrates her love for food, fitness and fun.


Raveena’s tryst with Yogisattva literally began as a result of her Yoga practice. Yoga not only inspired her but she also enjoyed her Yoga practice so much that she started creating Yoga inspired mugs, books and other personalised merchandise that she could gift her friends from Yoga class. Since there were no similar merchandise available in the market, she decided to make them herself, which also ensured that her gifts not only delighted her friends being incredibly thoughtful but also resonated with each of them at a personal level. Raveena thus launched Yogisattva as a brand merchandising Yoga themed and Yoga inspired merchandise that Yoga lovers could enjoy.


Delving deeper into Yoga practice and incorporating Yoga as an essential part of her daily life, Raveena went on to enrol herself for a Teacher’s Training Course in Goa and spent 7 weeks of her time in Goa doing what she loved most: living her love for Yoga practice. It was during her training, that she discovered raw and plant based food.


She was so eager to learn more about raw food that her curiosity led her to Bali for undergoing training as a raw food chef.


Having returned to Mumbai and her Yoga practice, Raveena’s food journey as a chef actually took off when she often used to whip up delicious and wholesome smoothies for her friends as a nourishing drink after their intensive workout sessions. Her friends loved the smoothies so much that they encouraged her to take up raw and plant based cooking professionally and that’s how Yogisattva was literally reborn into a brand that celebrates food in its purest form.
Yogisattva Logo

Yogisattva literally translates into Yoga Being. It celebrates 3 things: raw and plant based food, fitness and fun. Raveena operates Yogisattva in a rather novel way. It primarily operates as an email system, where the menu for the week is emailed to Yogisattva subscribers who are supposed to place their orders by Wednesday for a pick-up from Raveena’s residence in Khar West on Wednesday and Friday from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm. Yogisattva also arranges for deliveries to subscribers of Yogisattva depending on their location subject to a minimum total billing amount. Deliveries only take place twice a week i.e. on Wednesdays for South Mumbai subscribers (up to Worli) and on Fridays for Bandra and Juhu subscribers, all subject to a minimum billing of Rs.1,500/-. The menu comprises of a range of healthy yet indulgent foods ranging from Smoothies such as Green Superfood Smoothie and Better than any Candy Bar Smoothie, Chia Porridge in different exotic flavours, Raw Bliss Balls such as Raw Cacao Bliss Balls, Goji Berry and Coconut Bliss Balls, Oats Jars, Raw Ice-creams such as Raw Chilli Chocolate Dairy Free Ice-cream and Raw Chocolate and Orange Dairy Free Ice-cream, Raw Cakes such as Raw Banofee Cheesecake and Raw Double Chocolate Cheesecake, Raw Cupcakes such as Raw Midnight Caramel Mint Cupcakes to a variety of bowls/meals that are raw and plant based healthier versions of your favourite indulgent foods such as Pizza, Risotto, Noodles, Wraps, Quinoa, and Rice Dishes to name a few.


For those of you who are curious to know more about the menu of Yogisattva, here’s what a sample menu of Yogisattva looks like (click on the menus to enlarge):





Oh my, talking about these indulgent dishes on the menu makes our taste buds want to find their centre by doing Yoga until our taste buds can actually gorge on them. The most popular and loved products of Yogisattva are the Raw Cacao Dairy Free Ice-creams and Raw Cacao Bliss Balls.


Raveena’s approach to food is simple: she believes that it’s time to stop counting the calories but rather making the calories you put into your body count. Yogisattva promotes a healthy body image and encourages everyone to be kind to themselves and others in their journey towards fitness. The concept of the email system is followed because that’s the only way Raveena can stay true to the organic produce available to her. Raveena also actively participates in food events, pop-ups and exhibitions to promote Yogisattva and spread the gourmet buzz about raw and plant based food around.


When quizzed about Yogisattva and her approach towards food as a chef, this is what Raveena had to say, “Yogisattva literally translates into Yoga Being. The journey of Yoga is an eight fold path towards enlightenment. All human beings are at one stage or the other in their lives in their own personal journey towards enlightenment. Hence, each one of us is a Yogisattva. My approach towards food is simple – listen to your body – it knows best. We source only organic produce and the very reason we follow a weekly e-mail menu system is that the availability of various organic produce is uncertain. Although we have a menu, it is not like a set menu and customers are free to order anything that they like from the menu but delivery takes place only twice a week in select areas and subject to a minimum billing of Rs.1,500/-. Since we can’t store the food for long, it has to be prepared fresh.


With the awareness of vegan and raw foods still being relatively low amongst Indians who love to gorge on indulgent foods that are either loaded with dairy products or deep fried, it must be surely challenging for Raveena to promote the concept of raw based foods and there are sure to be a lot of funny incidents that she would have encountered in her food journey. Says Raveena, “A recurring funny incident that we often experience in Yogisattva is how people pronounce Chia and Vegan in India. I have heard everything from Kiya Seeds to Vay-gan, We-gaan. It’s amazing to see all the variations people come up with.” OMG, really? We-gaan is one of the funniest pronunciations for vegan we’ve heard for sure 😀 :p


Well, don’t you all agree that Yoga truly was the perfect opportunity for Raveena to be curious about who she really was? If it wasn’t for her Yoga practice, her love for fitness, food and fun would not culminated in Yogisattva and we would surely be missing out on those delectable smoothies, ice-creams and other pure gourmet goodness dishes whipped up by Raveena :) :) :)


What are you waiting for? Don’t count the calories, but make the calories count by ordering these rawfully indulgent healthy gourmet foods today that your taste buds and body will thank you for <3 :)

Click here to visit Yogisattva Page on ITG.

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