Oh, Ho, Ho! 16 Creative and Fuss-free DIY Foods for Christmas

Dec, 24 2015 / By ithinkgourmet

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Ho ho ho.. tis’ the season of joy, festivity and good cheer.

Why should Christmas only be about over-the-top food and elaborate feasts at fancy restaurants?

This Christmas season delight your kids, family and loved ones with these simple and innovative Christmas goodies that will warm their hearts and bring oodles of smiles and happiness to their faces.

1.  Pita Tree Appetisers  Fuss-free and delightful appetisers on a stick. If you’re lazy to cook all the way, get pita bread, sour cream and guacamole from a store and assemble at home.
Pita Tree Appetizers

Source: Betty Crocker, See Recipe Here.


2.  Baked Potato Snowman – An adorable and fuss-free healthy breakfast option!

Source: Annabel Karmel, See Recipe Here


3.  White Santa Cake – A great Christmas-sy White and Red Cake Santa themed cake. For those who don’t want to bake all the way, get a sponge cake from the store and decorate with whipped cream and strawberries at home.

Strawberry Santa Christmas Cake

Source: Marimo Marshmallow Store, See Recipe Here


4.  Candy Cookie Cones – Not just for kids. Who wouldn’t love these colourful and incredibly innovative treats filled with cookies and candies? We can’t stop drooling!

christmas tree cookie conesSource: Coupon Clicking Cook, See Recipe Here


5.  Santa Hats – Fuss-free and incredibly cute bite sized Santa Hats. Use Oreos or any other savoury crackers for the base as you like.

Source: COOKtheSTORY, See Recipe Here


6.  Strawberry Santas – Aren’t these decorated strawberry Santas adorable? Great option for kids and the kids at heart!

Source: Food Network, See Recipe Here


7.  Fun Fruit Candy Cane – Need we say anything about this? Healthy, child friendly and what’s more no preparation time or fancy ingredients required. Just chop bananas and strawberries and you’re ready to decorate. Get your kids involved in decorating these on a plate!


Source: The Art of Nutrition, See Recipe Here


8.  Christmas Tree Cheese Cube Pops – Aren’t these healthy and innovative cheese pops simply wonderful? No cooking or preparation involved. And, who doesn’t like Cheeseee…?

Source: Little Food Junction, See Recipe Here


9.  Santa Claus Crackers – Fuss-free and cute bite sized Santa crackers.

Source: Martha Stewart, See Recipe Here


10.  Snowman Pizzas – These cute shaped and cheesy-licious snowman pizzas are a great option for a fun-filled evening.
1556396c-68fd-47a8-95c9-6e4d01d35697 (1)

Source: Tablespoon, See Recipe Here


11.  Milky Way Teddy Sleighs How innovative and fun are these candy cane chocolate cookie sleighs? Just assemble using your favourite miniature chocolate bars and animal shaped biscuits. A kiddies and chocolate lovers delight!


Source: Glue Sticks. See Recipe Here

12.  Egg Snowman – Another innovative, fun and easy to make breakfast option!


Source: Roxy’s Kitchen. See Recipe Here


13.  Marshmallow Snowman Hat Pops – Simple yet wonderful. All you need is marshmallows, your favourite cookie and some dipping chocolate to make this candy delight.


Source: Sweet Simple Stuff. See Recipe Here


14.  Santa Poppers – Creative and fuss-free, these cute little Santa poppers made with marshmallows, strawberries and bananas are a healthy yet sweet treat!


Source: Creative Kid Snacks. See Recipe Here


15.  Marshmallow Snowman – Super cute. Get your kids to participate in assembling these adorable snow creatures.


Source: Flexible Dreams. See Recipe Here


16.  Chocolate Snowman Spoons – How creative and adorable are these chocolate snowman spoons? Serve it as a spoonful of candy or stir it into your hot coffee or hot cocoa.

chocolate snowman on spoons (1)

Source: Cute Food For Kids. See Recipe Here

We can’t have enough of these super creative and easy Christmas treats!

Try these for yourself and delight your loved ones this Christmas.

What’s your favourite?

Let us know in the comments below!

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