11 Quirky and Delightful Ice-Cream Sandwiches To Try This Winter

Dec, 26 2015 / By ithinkgourmet


The temperatures just dropped…and that’s no reason you should avoid your favourite scoop-ies of ice-creams.

Ice-cream sandwiches are a wonderful way to have ice-creams in the winter – the weather is perfect for making and enjoying these frozen sandwiched delights and the warm-cold combinations of ice cream sandwiches (think: warm cookies and frozen ice-cream along with your favourite toppings) are a sure-shot winner to beat the winter blues.

While cookies are the most popular and common option for sandwiching ice-creams, here are 11 quirky and delightful ideas for enjoying your favourite scoop of ice-cream in a sandwich that you can try this holiday season:

1. Oreo Ice-Cream Sandwiches on a Stick – Because we are one of those who love Oreos in just about everything we eat! We love the way these are popped on a stick and dressed with cupcake liners! (ITG Tip: Roll the sides with sprinkles, chocolate chips, slivered nuts, candied zest, chopped raspberries or as you like to add to the cuteness.)


Source: Bakers Royale. See Recipe Here.

2. Chocolate Covered Brownies Ice-cream Sandwich – We’ve all had chocobars, brownie sundaes, sizzling brownies and maybe even brownie ice-cream sandwiches, but this hybrid dessert of a brownie ice-cream sandwich and a chocobar is surely a winner. (ITG Tip: Get readymade brownies, dipping chocolate and your favourite ice-cream and assemble this choco layered wonder! Try sandwiching a variety of fillings with your favourite scoop of ice-cream – MnMs, Sprinkles, chocolate chips, almond slivers, nutella, strawberries…the options are endless.)


Source: Good Life Eats. See Recipe Here.

3. Churros Ice Cream Sandwiches – These Churros Ice Cream Sandwiches were made popular by the Churro Borough in Los Angeles. We dig Churros – We dig ice-cream! Combine the two and you have the ultimate dessert sin! Okay, we cannot stop drooling :)


Source: Chelsea’s Messy Apron. See Recipe Here.

4. Top Ramen Noodles Chocolate Covered Ice-cream Sandwiches – Who would have thought of ice-cream sandwiched between layers of chocolate covered Top Ramen noodles? This one definitely features in the quirky foods to try for yourself list.


Source: Full Thyme Student. See Recipe Here.

5. Chocolate Potato Chip Cookie Ice-cream Sandwich – Yes, you read that one right – potato chips, chocolate cookies and ice-cream combined to give you that combined salted-sweet-crunchy-chocolatey-creamy sandwiched taste of dessert bliss!


Source: The Velvet Jungle. See Recipe Here.

6. Pretzel Nutella Ice-cream Sandwich – Simple and wonderful. (ITG Tip: Want to give these a fusion twist? Try using Jalebis instead of Pretzels and you have your very own version of desi dessert goodness which will definitely wow your guests.)

Source: Tasty Kitchen. See Recipe Here.

7. Croissant Ice-cream Sandwich – Rich flavourful ice-cream sandwiched between flaky bread is yet another unique way to enjoy your favourite ice-cream. (ITG Tip: You can lightly toast the croissants for a slightly warm and crispy texture and spread with honey, Nutella, caramel sauce or jam as you like on the insides before sandwiching with your favourite scoop of ice-cream and fillings.)
Source: Silver Chopstix. See Recipe Here.

8. Salted Crackers Ice-cream – Because sometimes you crave salty and sweet! (ITG Tip: Use Monaco biscuits or your favourite salted crackers along with your favourite scoop of ice-cream. Want to reverse the taste, use jim-jam crackers for sandwiching salted ice cream on the inside :) )


Source: The Little Epicurean. See Recipe Here.

9. Chocolate Waffle Ice-cream Sandwiches – Chocolate + Waffles + Your Favourite Ice-cream + Raspberries = Chocolate Love Bites. (ITG Tip: If you can’t find readymade frozen chocolate waffles, use readymade frozen plain waffles or coat plain waffles in melted chocolate if desired.)


Source: Dessert for Two. See Recipe Here.

10. French Toast Sandwich Ice-cream – Another topper for the quirky list. Who would have thought about french toast and ice-cream?


Source: Rachel Ray Everyday. See Recipe Here.

11. Caramel Popcorn Ice-cream Sandwiches – Simply wow. Enough said. Can’t wait to try these crunchy and sweet creamy delights!


Source: Spicyicecream. See Recipe Here.

We are sure that these innovative ice-cream sandwich ideas will make you love ice-creams even more this winter.

There are so many more ways to sandwich your ice-creams  – macaroons, donuts, pancakes, health bars, cereal bars… you can get as creative as you can.

Which one do you like? Know of any other quirky ideas for sandwiching ice-creams that we are missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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