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At www.IThinkGourmet.com, gourmet food is always on our mind. We love all things gourmet as much as you do and are always thinking of what yummy gourmet foods to have next.

For us, gourmet food is food that is not only delectable but is also visually appealing, beautifully packaged, (often) innovative, made with the finest quality ingredients and devoid of harmful preservatives or additives.

We are believers of the age old thought that what makes food truly sumptuous is the love and care taken to prepare it and therefore we believe that food is at its gourmet best when freshly prepared by hand in small quantities rather than by production line machines in factories.

When we came up with the idea of www.IThinkGourmet.com, we discovered that there are thousands of local artisan chefs and independent food entrepreneurs producing some of the wonderful gourmet foods.

At www.IThinkGourmet.com, we call these food artists, Gourmetpreneurs.

We believe that commercially produced food available in the food industry does not even come close to the high degree of craftsmanship, innovation, quality, presentation and taste of the food produced by these Gourmetpreneurs.

Although these Gourmetpreneurs are all around us, the only way we often know of them is by word of mouth as they generally operate from their homes or smaller setups and do not have enough exposure.

Along the way, we discovered that apart from Facebook pages and in some cases, websites managed by individual Gourmetpreneurs, there was no central database where food lovers like us could search for a Gourmetpreneur for our gourmet requirements.

www.IThinkGourmet.com is an one-stop gourmet collective online community that connects gourmet food lovers with local Gourmetpreneurs. It is our endeavour to explore local Gourmetpreneurs that create handcrafted gourmet food products and showcase their creations on our site to gourmet food lovers who are always on the look out for store bought food alternatives to indulge, entertain, gift and celebrate.


Whether you are looking for:

  • Gourmet cakes for celebrating a birthday, wedding, bachelorette or special occasions (think: theme cakes, cheesecakes, candy cakes, cupcake tier cakes, novelty cakes, Christmas cake, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, musical chocolate cake, protein cakes);
  • Niche and personalised gourmet gifts for birth announcements, corporate gifting, wedding announcements, party favors, festivals and special occasions (think: macaroons, brownies, cupcakes, jar desserts, chocolates, cake pops, chocolate bouquets, baklava, cookies, donuts, candies, gourmet hampers);
  • Unique gourmet foods for festivals (think: bounty modaks, brownie modaks, chocolate mithai, thandai boondi cheesecake, thandai chocolate, til-gud chico chikki);
  •  Gourmet foods for home entertaining (think: tarts, appetisers, dips, dessert jars);
  • Gourmet cuisine specific caterers for parties, cocktail parties and get-togethers (think: Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Italian, European, Mediterranean, Greek, Lebanese, Indian, Cantonese, Parsi);
  • Specific gourmet catering for parties (think: high tea, popcorn, waffles, barbecue, fast-food, chaat, pizza, grills, sushi);
  • Innovative gourmet foods to make an impression (think: whey protein cakes for a fitness freak, customised edible photo chocolate bars for unique wedding and corporate gifts, create your own chocolate bars for a discerning chocolate lover, madras kapi flavoured chocolate for your filter coffee loving friend);
  • Everyday gourmet foods for entertaining or self indulgence (think: healthy breakfast cereals and bars, flavoured butters, hummus, cheese sticks, tortillas, sour cream, breads, flavoured sugar, handmade jams, spreads, dips, dressings, marinades, pickles);

or even if you don’t know what you’re looking for and need gourmet inspiration to indulge your taste buds

your gourmet search ends here.

We hope to bring more respect and power to these incredibly amazing and risk-taking Gourmetpreneurs who are dedicated to keeping gourmet foods alive with their incredible talent and endless passion for food.

By using our site, you can help us to make a difference and join us in our mission to:

  • support these Gourmetpreneurs and, in turn, help grow the unorganised gourmet food industry; and
  • spread happiness and smiles to your loved ones by sharing the gourmet goodness produced by these Gourmetpreneurs.
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